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Hey everyone.

Let me start of by saying I'm really enjoying my time here so far. I've moved into a new apartment last Saturday and so far things feel really good. My roommates are really nice and fun to hang out with, so based on that I couldn't have chosen a better place to stay.

Yesterday I was about to write about the fact that a lot of girls that I know feel the need to be on a diet. I don't know if it would do any good to me writing a full size story about it, so I'm going to say it in four more lines: 'Girls, there is no need to be on a diet! All the girls I know look great, are amazing persons, and are great to hang out with. If you feel the need to lose weight - which you wouldn't have to - go exercise, and don't miss out on the proteins that you don't eat because of that same diet.' So, that has been said.

As I said, I feel pretty great here. I'm preparing for a test this Friday on the culture, language and modern history of Italy. That preparation brings with it the fact that I'm not outside as much as I would like to be. And not being outside that much brings with it that I haven't really found 'my spot' in this city yet. In Firenze it was easy for me, if I wanted to be alone with my thoughts I would go to the river, sit down, listen to some music, and write down my thoughts in my notebook. But here there's no river, and I haven't found a real substitution for it yet.

Why do I talk about that spot? Well, I usually would go there if I felt some tension in my body, the same tension as I feel now. It feels like it might be related to not doing enough physical exercise, so, in my case, not playing baseball. Of course, I'm still walking every day, and cycling a bit, but that doesn't bring me the explosivity, or the physical relieve, or the pleasure that sporting brings me. My body is filled with the sort of tension that makes me intolerant for a lot of things. I'm oversensitive for everything. A song that calms my nerves when I start listening to it can piss me off one minute later. I don't even manage to listen to Norah Jones! She usually is my saviour in case of these kinds cases. It's time to grab for drastic measures: Queen. And so far, I don't know if it's helping or not.

I think I'm going for a run tomorrow morning, despite the fact that I really don't like that, but it might just help with my mood.

Thank you for reading this terrible story, but I needed to put it on paper, and yeah, why not post it?

I would truly like to thank Michel and Francesca for letting me stay at their place for two weeks, until I had everything ready to go.

Also a big thank you to Angela and Valeria for making me feel welcome, and making me feel at home.

I hope next time I'll write something a bit more inspired.

See ya.




Ha Laszlo

fijn dat het zo lekker gaat en dat je je vriendinnen gratis advies geeft. ze zullen dol op je zijn. waarom kom je trouwens niet terug naar Nederland? kun je meteen buiten zwemmen op straat.....


of was met mij meegegaan voor dieet advies valt er een hoop te leren in Erbil kurdistan Lasz pita brood met soep als ontbijt pita brood met lam als lunch en pita brood met een kipepoot als diner
En er is geen biertje om het weg tespoelen wel karnemelk en water
ik heb naar afwisseling in het dieet gezocht en rijst met rozijntjes ondekt bij de pita hut op de hoek en daar hebben ze ook komkommer en dadels......nog 2 daagjes Lasz en dan laat ik je wat rustige stekkjes zien in Reggio als jij wat behoorlijks te eten regeld Deal?

Opa / Richard

Heeeeeeee Lasz, wat een verhaal. Ik vind het verstandig, dat je luistert naar Queen zeker de ¨rapsodi¨ of ¨we are the champions¨ kom op joh, alles zal goed komen en je weet, dat velen aan je denken.
Heel veel succes vrijdag en daarna lekker honkballen.
Liefs, Opa

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