Introduction to "Life in Reggio Emilia, Città del Tricolore"

So, the first thing you might notice is a change in lay-out of the page. According to me it was really necessary because I just read my first story of my blog and I got a spontaneous headache because of the contrast on the page. One thing that obviously remained is the picture in the upper part of the screen. For the ones of you that didn't read my blog when I put the picture there for the first time, the picture basically says: Chaos can sometimes have positive consequences.

As I just said, I read my first story on the blog, and honestly, I find myself one step behind what I wrote that day. I basically told in that story about my first days in Firenze. How the first day of school was, that I moved into an apartment, and that I looked forward to the year ahead of me.

Right now I find myself in the final stage of my preparation for this year. I've been here for a week and a half, and I've managed to do almost everything that I need to do before university starts. I've got a temporary residence here in Reggio, I've subscribed at the university, and I've found a room. Despite the fact that I've done all of this, I still feel like I'm in between things. The book Firenze has been closed, and I'm reading the introduction of 'Life in Reggio Emilia, Cità del tricolore'. The only thing is that the introduction is hard to get through, but you have to read it because you know that the essence of the book is being explained here.

It's a combination of knowing little people, not knowing the city that well, and not knowing what to expect in university that made me feel slightly anxious over the last week and a half. Basically you could say, that I got scared of not knowing.

But over the last couple of days the anxiety has started to make space for joy of being here, and confidence that everything is going to be just fine. What caused this change? I honestly don't really know. I think it helps that after 18 years I can finally find my way in this city, but most of all I think meeting my future flatmate has helped me out. To me she seems welcoming, positive, and most of all just really nice. I'm looking forward to moving in there next Saturday, and finally start reading the chapter called 'Student life in Reggio E.'.

This year is going to be great, and you'll hear a lot of me.




Ik hoop voor jou dat het je brengt waar jij op hoopt. Heel veel succes,plezier en liefs. En heel hartelijk bedankt aan Michel en Francesca xxx


Hoi Laszlo,
heel veel succes en ontzettend veel plezier en geluk gewenst.
Geniet er van!
groetjes aan allemaal,
Hans en Carla

Sylvia Dijkstra

Hoi Laszlo, Het is zo leuk en goed te weten dat het goed met je gaat. " Believe in your self " en je zult vinden wat je zoekt.
Veel succes , en ik lees (reis) met je mee.
Groet Sylvia

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